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Terms and Conditions for the use of the website

Date: 5/25/2018


1.          Introduction

Thank you for choosing to visit Travel Free România ( - hereinafter called the "Site"), operated by Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București!


1.1        By using this Site, you agree with these terms of use. Visiting and usage of the Site. By visiting and using this Site, you accept, without limitations or qualifications, these terms, and you acknowledge that any other agreements between you and Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București are replaced by the provisions of this document.


1.2.       If you disagree or do not accept without reserve the Terms and Conditions for the use of this Site, please leave the Site.


2.         The content of the website

2.1.       The Site and all its content, including but without limitation to all texts and images ("Content") are the property of and protected by copyright of Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București or other parties, with all rights reserved, except for the cases when specified otherwise. Any Content represented by a brand, logo or service mark represent the trademark or non-registered mark of Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București or of other persons.


2.2.      The use of any content, except for the one provided in the Terms and Conditions of Site use, is strictly forbidden without the written permission of the Content owner. Moreover, we'd like to inform you that Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București and the affiliated persons will ensure and deliberately impose the acknowledgment of their intellectual property rights according to the legal provisions in force, reaching, if applicable, to filing a suit against the persons at fault with regards to the breach of the intellectual property rights.


2.3.      The user is NOT allowed to copy, share, publish, transfer to third parties, modify and/or otherwise alter, use, link, expose, include any Content in any other contexts than the one designed by Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București, to include any Content outside the Site, to remove the marks indicating the copyright of Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București on the Content, and to participate to the transfer, sale, distribution of materials achieved by reproducing, changing, or displaying the Content, without the written express approval of Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București.


2.4.      Any use of the Content for other purposes than the one expressly allowed by the current Terms and Conditions or by the usage agreement that accompany these terms, if it exists, is strictly FORBIDDEN.


2.5.      Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București does not carry out online products sale operations. The prices of the products presented on the Site are for information only, and they can be subject to changes depending on the fluctuations of the exchange rate and on the store where the product is purchased from. For accurate information regarding the price of the product you desire, please check the price in the store.


3.         Personal data processing

3.1.       Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București processes your personal data mentioned in the data collection form, such as notes, coupons, registration to receive information on the company activity through newsletters, provision of feedback and such, through automated/manual means, in order to create a database with the persons who benefit from the services of the company. The use of the Site is not conditioned by the provision of any access information or personal data.


The data processed by Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București are, as applicable: last name, first name, gender, date of birth, email address, home address, and phone number. The supply of the personal data is voluntary.


3.2.      The purpose of personal data processing is the transmission of offers and promotions to persons who requested the services of the Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București Company. Additional purposes can be detailed through the consent submission forms, to be used during each processing.


In the future, your contact data allow us to regularly inform you with regards to our activity.


3.3.      The processing of each person's personal data, e.g. the members of the consumer loyalty programs or the customers who participate to various campaigns carried out in the Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București stores, is based on their previous written approval. This consent can be withdrawn at any time. Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București implements proper technical and organizational measures, so that the personal data sent by you are secured against any security incidents, such as unauthorized access, accidental destruction, or unauthorized disclosure.


3.4.      If you do not want Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București to process your personal data or if you wish to withdraw your previously given content in this direction, based on the regulations of the legislation of the personal data (including, but without limitation to, GDPR), you benefit from at least the following rights: the right of access, the right to rectification, the right to be forgotten, the right to restriction of processing, the right to data portability, the right to object, as well as the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.


In order to exercise such rights, you can send a written request, dated and signed, to Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București Company, Municipiul București, Strada Sabinelor nr. 104A, Sector 5, 050854, Romania.


3.5.      Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București protects the personal data and the private character of the visits performed by the Site users, including the users of related applications, dedicated to the interaction with the users.


3.6.      All features and procedures agreed and implemented by Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București in this field are consistently aligned with the applicable legal provisions, such as, but without limitation to, the (EU) Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council on April 27, 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regards to the processing of personal data and free circulation of such data, and on the abrogation of Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).


3.7.      The person responsible for the protection of personal data is:

DPO: Maria Carp

Strada Sabinelor, nr. 104 A

Sector 5, 050854 București, Romania

tel.: +40 214 014 120 / fax: +40 214 014 131


Registration number in the Trade Register J40/6143/1999

Tax registration code RO 11955941.


4.         Security of personal data processing

4.1.      The processing of personal data is performed in compliance with the proper technical and organizational measures necessary to protect data against accidental or illegal destruction, to prevent loss, damage, disclosure, unauthorized access or improper use of personal data, applying internal and operational procedures to collect and store personal data.


5.         Transfer of personal data in other countries

5.1.       The personal data collected by Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București will be transferred to the persons authorized to process personal data in the European Union, i.e. Czech Republic and Greece.


6.         Cookie usage policy

6.1.      This Site uses its own cookies to provide the user a better Site navigation experience and services adapted to their needs and interests.


6.2.      The transmission of cookies to the user's equipment (e.g. PC, phone, etc.) is performed only after the expression of the user's consent in this direction. The refusal to use cookies can make certain sections of the Site difficult to view, and some sections of the Site will no longer work properly. However, the use of the Site is not conditioned by the expression of the consent on the cookies.


6.3.      The information presented next is indented to provide the users more information on the location, use, and management of the cookies used by site. Please carefully read the information below regarding the use of the cookies. If you want to know more details, please feel free to contact us at


A.         What are cookies?

Cookies are small size files downloaded on your device when you visit Your device acknowledges and automatically accepts these files through the used browser.


Cookies are stored in the memory of the internet user's device, but they cannot access/read other information in the respective device.


Consequently, cookies are similar to "book marks" that communicate the browser the exact location where it remained within a website. The cookie can also be considered an identifier of the internet user, informing the website each time the user returns to that website. Moreover, they retain the user's preferences within a site (e.g. language used on a site that can display content in several languages).


The cookie-type files are not dangerous and they must not be treated by any user as a virus or a type of file that can damage the used device. Cookies are not made of code segments and, consequently, they cannot be run or auto run. Thus, they cannot duplicate or replicate on other networks in order to run or replicate again. Since they cannot perform this function, they cannot be considered viruses. The used browser allows the setting and limitation of the cookie type file connection.


B.         Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are necessary for the proper operation of the services provided by the Site, for the continuous improvement of its structure and content, and for the provision to the users of a pleasant navigation experience.


The storage of cookies on the user's device provides information on the activities carried out by the latter on the Site, in order to customize or improve the user's experience on the web page and to make the next visit more pleasant, presenting the content in a relevant manner, adjusted to the user's preferences.


Moreover, cookies can provide the sites the possibility to monitor the online activities of the users and to determine user profiles, which can be then used for marketing.


Cookies are used to prepare anonymous statistics that help us understand the manner a user benefits from the Site, without identifying the person of the user.


For web analyses, this Site uses the Google Analytics service, that uses proprietary session cookies, and their validity date is the moment the user leaves the web browser. In this situation, cookies save information on the Site use, the number of displayed pages, the sources where the Site user come from and the number of visits, having the same objective, to improve the Site and to provide the user with better services and experience.


Cookies as such do not request personal information to be used and, in most cases, they do not personally identify the internet users.


C.         The lifetime of a cookie?

The storage period of a cookie depends on the objective of its positioning.


The session cookies - they are used for one session, being retained only for the duration of one visit on the site of the user, and they are not stored after the user leaves the site.


The permanent cookies - they are stored for a longer period and used when the user returns to the site.


All these categories of cookies can be deleted by the user at any time, through the browser settings. If the browser settings are not changes, the site navigation automatically implies the use of cookies.


Please find below instructions for disabling cookies.


D.        How can cookies be disabled?

The disabling, the refusal to accept cookies can make certain sites difficult to view.


The current browsers provide users the possibility to change and manage the settings for the usage of cookies. You can access such settings in the menu of the browsers you use. For more details on the management of cookies in your browser, you can visit the "Help" section of the browser.


In order to set the cookies, follow the steps below, depending on the used browser. Settings may slightly differ depending on the used version.


In the Chrome browser:

-          In the right upper corner, click on Chrome > Settings menu.

-          Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on "Show advanced settings".

-          In the "Privacy" section, click on the "Content settings" button.

-          In the "Cookies" section, select the preferred settings.

-          Deleting cookies: In order to delete cookies, click on "All cookies and site data…" to see the list of all cookies that Chrome stored on hard disk. Here you can delete cookies individually or all together, selecting "Remove All".


In the Mozilla Firefox browser:

-          Click on the menu button and select "Preferences".

-          Select "Privacy" in the side menu.

-          From the "History" combo, select "Use custom settings for history".

-          Check "Accept cookies from sites" to allow cookies or uncheck not to allow the use of cookies. If you encounter difficulties regarding cookies, then under "Accept" select "Never".

-          Deleting cookies: By clicking on "Show Cookies…", a new window opens, and here you can select and delete one or more cookies at the same time.


In the Internet Explorer 11 browser:

-          Select the gear icon in the upper right corner of the browser, and then select Internet Options.

-          Click on “Privacy” tab, select “Advanced”

-          Set Accept/ Block/ Prompt depending on your needs both for “First-party Cookies” and for “Third-party Cookies“. Also here you can check “Always allow session cookies” if you want. Press OK after having changed the settings.

-          Deleting cookies: In order to delete all cookies, select the “General” tab under “Internet Options” and click on “Delete…” under the “Browsing History” tab. Check “Cookies and Website Data” and click on Delete.


6.4.      By using the Site, you give your consent with regards to the manner the company Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București uses cookies, in compliance with these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with it, you must appropriately set the browser or not use this Site. By disabling the cookies we use, your experience as user of the Site could be impaired.


6.5.      We reserve the right to make amendments or modifications to this section on the cookies use policy. The potential amendments and/or modifications will be displayed on the Site, and they will produce effects the time they are displayed.


7.         Confidentiality

7.1.       Any persona data, such as: name, gender, home address, phone number or email dress you send to the Site by electronic mail or any other means will be used in compliance with the current Terms and Conditions.


7.2.      Any such communications or materials you send to this Site, such as questions, comments, suggestions or other similar messages will be considered non-confidential and will not be protected by the determiner intellectual property rights.


8.         Absence of warranties

8.1.      The entire content of this Site can be changed and is provided "as such", without providing any warranty whatsoever, either express or implicit.


9.         Release from responsibility

9.1.      The use of this Site is entirely your responsibility. Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București or any other party involved in the design, production or provision of the Site are not responsible for direct or indirect damages of any kind, that would result from or in connection with the use of this Site or its Content. Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București does not undertake any responsibility and will not be responsible for any damage or virus that could infect your device due to your visiting or use of this Site, or downloading any material, information, text, video images or audio content on this Site.


10.       Links to third parties sites

10.1.     The Site can contain links to other sites belonging to or operated by other parties than Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București. Such links are provided to you to be used only if you want to. Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București does not control and is not responsible for the content and confidentiality, security, and functionality terms of such sites. Without limitation to the aspects mentioned above, Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București expressly declines any responsibility if such sites:

-          breach the intellectual property rights of a third party;

-          are inaccurate, incomplete, or contain misleading information;

-          do not have a commercial character or do not comply with the achievement of a certain goal;

-          do not provide a proper security;

-          contain viruses or other destructive elements;

-          are licentious or slandering.


10.2.    Moreover, Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București does not authorize the content or any other products or services provided on such sites. If you access through a link such sites or this Site, you take the risk personally, without the permission of Heinrig Impex SRL Filiala București in this direction.


11.        Governing Law and Jurisdiction

11.1.      These Terms and Conditions, as well as the use of this Site, are governed by the Romanian law. The competent authorities in Romania will have exclusive jurisdiction on any and all disputes deriving from or in connection with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions and/or Site Content or on any disputes where these Terms and Conditions and/or this Site will be considered relevant facts for such disputes.


The prices on this website are only for information purposes and may vary depending on the exchange rate fluctuations and on the shop the product is purchased from. For precise information regarding prices, please refer directly to the store which you intend to go to.