Europe’s number 1 Bordershop

Our passion for border shopping has been alive and well since 1997. In Romania, Travel FREE has been in operation since 2007. This is because the EU grew enormously and stopped allowing Duty Free shopping within its borders. The fact that you may not have noticed this, as many people didn’t, is probably due to Travel FREE. This is because we took over many of the Duty Free Shops – with the top priority to continue keeping the prices as low as possible.

And that’s not all; not only will our sales staff offer you good advice in Romanian, but also in other languages as English, Hungarian, Serbian and Bulgarian.

Advantages Services


  • Large volumes, small prices

    Prices at Travel FREE are often a lot lower than you think. We offer most of our spirit assortment in special 1L sizes, which is 43% more than the standard 0.7L size, and many of them exclusively at Travel FREE.

  • 100% branded goods at up to 50% cheaper

    A single stop has never been so advantageous. Coffee, spirits, confectionery, tobacco, accessories, toys, perfumes and cosmetic products at up to 50% cheaper than in domestic markets.

  • Open every day

    Most of our shops are open from Monday to Sunday, 365 days a year! You’ll find the exact opening times for the shop in mind, in ‘Shops’ under ‘Shop details’.

  • Maximum quantities that can be bought

    In order for you not to bring back more than the border police allow, here are the maximum quantities that you are allowed to bring into the EU:

    EU states borders

    • 10 kg coffee
    • 110 liters beer
    • 90 liters wine
    60 liters sparkling wine
    • 20 litres spirits under 22% alcohol
    • 10 litres spirits over 22% alcohol


    Serbian border

    • 1 liter spirits over 22% alcohol
    • 1 liter wine

  • Large and exclusive range

    For many products at Travel FREE you’d probably pay more in your local store. But most products you wouldn’t find at all in domestic markets - part of our product range consists of special sizes and editions, which can only be sold on the travel market. You will also find a lot of international brands in our very big assortment.


  • We gift-wrap your purchases

  • We take your shopping to the car

  • We are happy to advise you

  • Gift certificates are available

    Give your loved one the opportunity to select the perfect gift with our Travel FREE Gift Cards. Gift Cards can be purchased at the value of 100 Lei, 200 Lei, 300 Lei, 500 Lei. Simply ask for it in any of our shops.

The prices on this website are only for information purposes and may vary depending on the exchange rate fluctuations and on the shop the product is purchased from. For precise information regarding prices, please refer directly to the store which you intend to go to.